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Iriquois Barrel

"The Three Sisters"

In 2016, Inverflora introduced the “Three Sisters” barrel opposite Croft an Righ, to replicate the Iroquois method of planting beans, corn and pumpkin together, with fish ( kindly provided by Douglas from H. S. Murray, Fishmongers ) dug in beneath as fertiliser. Adjacent troughs had companion planting of strawberries, chives & thyme…. the public were welcome to pick any produce. Support canes for the climbing beans were painted in the KSB colours - blue, purple, green & gold. As it was the 50th anniversary of KSB, one of the climbing beans varieties was "Celebration" and the other a genuine heritage type from America - "Rattleskin Pole Bean".


watering barrel

watering barrel

Barrel & Troughs July
Barrel July

Barrel July

Left : Some of the produce from the Iriquois barrel

Rattlesnake Pole Beans ( High Mowing Organic

U. S. A. ) ,

"Summer Ball" pumpkin ( T & M ),

Climbing bean  "Celebration"  ( Suttons )

Left : Barrel & troughs, with new raised beds around the tree.

Barrel August

Barrel August

Sweetcorn "Jubilee" ( B & Q ) matured around a month later than the beans and pumpkin, which were ready for picking in mid August.

For 2017, the barrel had clematis and sweet peas sown by volunteers. One of the the sweet pea varieties was "Kingfisher" to reflect KSB's theme of Birds, Trees & Bees.

The troughs retained their edible mix of strawberries, chives and thyme for a second year.

Three Sisters Barrel

Adding the 'fertiliser' with sweetcorn, beans & pumpkin ready to follow

Adding the 'fertiliser' with sweetcorn, beans & pumpkin ready to follow

Sweet Peas

Sweet Peas "Kingfisher & Fragrant Skies"

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