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Work Schedule

Maintenance and planning take place all 12 months of the year

Annually, Inverflora's hard working volunteers maintain several thousand plants from end to end of Inverkeithing.

Running approximately 2 kilometres from the Rosyth junction in the north to just short of Ferrytoll Park & Ride in the south, it's a long stretch to maintain. Some of the larger areas are best dealt with by work parties; smaller sections near the town centre, are allocated to individual volunteers or small groups.


Plug plants are potted up at the polytunnel and greenhouse, perennials and spent bulb leaves pruned back and the shed and other woodwork painted as necessary. Once new plants are big enough, they are hardened off outside until being planted in position in June.

Inverflora is fortunate to have a 40 gallon water bowser, operated by two volunteers per outing, on a rota system. It is used in the town centre and allows feeding to be done at the same time as watering.


Constant attention is given to watering, dead heading, weeding and feeding to keep everything looking at its summer best. At the height of the season, volunteers are frequently called upon to help out, often at short notice, if something needs instant action.

We have good co-operation with the Parks Department team, sometimes helping out in each others' areas. All the hard work ensures that there is lots of colour well into September.



By October, it's time to remove annuals, trim back perennials, or remove them to the plot to overwinter and be split up and propagated for future use. Polyanthus and primula from the plot are transplanted to some of the planters and flower beds to provide spring colour. Any perennials not performing well will be removed.


The colder months are not wasted, with meetings to discuss future planning, compile applications for grants, make decisions for next year's planting, along with combining themes and projects with other local groups.

Volunteers helped children from the nursery plant tete a tete bulbs for the Caley Spring Show. These are some of the Gold Award pots brightening up the nursery Foyer after their trip to the Edinburgh Botanic Gardens in March.

Potting up in April

Potting up in April

Parks team at Witchknowe

Parks team at Witchknowe

Bowser training
Friary Gardens tidy up

Helping the Parks Team by tidying a flower bed in the Friary Gardens

Removing deep rooted weeds and tree seedlings from the circular beds at the harbour before fresh bark is added.

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