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Autumn 2017 - early Spring 2018

clearing, planning, propagating, potting up

plot tidy

Plot late August : general tidying, weeding, widening path & creating new edging, finding overwintering positions for saved perennials which have been split up; ground turned over and persistent deep rooted weeds removed.

This work is best done before the clay soil becomes too heavy to work later in the year.

planting C bulbs

Oct. : Children from Inverkeithing Primary School planting tete a tete bulbs for the Caley spring bulb competition. Five bulbs go into each pot, before being taken to an unheated, dark area for a few months. The bulbs were outside in the open by March, when the severe snow covered them up. They came through unscathed and looking none the worse.

Harbour beds tidy

Nov. Harbour : weeding the harbour beds - an agreed labour exchange with the Parks team in return for cutting out a new sponsored bed for Inverflora.

Art work

Primary children's artwork for the Caley Bulb Show

B Park tidy

Oct. Boreland Park : residents clearing away overgrown shrubs.

FCG WT hedging

Nov. Community Garden : In a joint project, volunteers from Inverflora, Inverkeithing Community Council and the Friary Community Garden, combined forces to plant saplings from the Woodland Trust. This will grow to form a hedge down the inside of the perimiter fence. Once established, the hedge will provide blossom for pollinators, berries for birds and a shelter for the garden.

adding bark

Feb. Harbour area : adding shredded trimmings ( kindly provided by the Parks Team ) to the circular beds. This helped cover the underlying membrane, exposed when the old bark had been blown away.

March 23 : Gold medals were awarded to all 3 Inverkeithing entries in the Caley Bulb Competition!
Inverkeithing Primary 5 & Nursery Rooms 1 & 2 did the town proud with their beautiful bulbs and artwork.


Oct. : Witchknowe - pruning & giving the fruit bushes room to breathe, as well as a good workout for volunteers

hedge planting

Nov. : Finishing off planting and protecting the young saplings in the Community Garden.

cleaning greenhouse

March : cleaning the greenhouse ready for spring on a very chilly day!

Gold award

March : Nursery Foyer - display of award certificates and prize winning pots of tete a tete daffodils.

saved begonias N.Ent.

Oct. N. Entrance: these splendid begonias will be stripped of their flowers, the corms dried, stored and brought into growth again in spring, ready for another season.Edit this text

Nov. : A new sponsored bed for "Footwise Podiatry" in the shape of a footprint, is underplanted with mixed daffodils and edged with polyanthus.

selecting C bulbs

Mid March : selecting and putting aside the best six pots from the three nursery & primary groups, ready to be taken to the Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh.


March : Black Gold - bladderwrack blown onto a local beach by the "Beast from the East" was gathered to spread on the plot as fertiliser; it was lightly hosed to remove some of the salt.

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