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About Inverflora

Inverflora consists of a group of volunteers who plant, sow, weed, water and maintain a huge range of planters and flower displays in Inverkeithing.

We frequently co-ordinate events with other local groups and individuals for the benefit of the community.

Coastal Path Litterpick: Cubs & beavers from the 68th Inverkeithing Troop dealing with windblown litter which was stuck on fences and trees on the Fife Coastal Path between Cruiks Quarry and the West Ness

colourful compost

As a group, Inverflora is particularly keen on green issues - we re-cycle, improvise, compost and think about the environment. Our allotment features a variety of bee and insect friendly plants and we carefully choose plants which attract pollinators in the flower beds throughout the town .... single flowered varities provide easiest access. Wherever possible, we encourage community participation by involving other local groups in activities.



Inverflora is grateful for the generous continuing support given by local businesses and other community groups.


Included in Inverflora's plants for pollinators are - alliums, aquilegia, borage, centauria, comfrey, cornflower, corncockle, cranesbill, hesperus, limnanthes, marigold, ox eye daisy, nasturtium, phacelia, poppy, polyganum, raspberry, strawberry and wallflower

Inverflora crest cropped

The Inverflora Crest has been approved by the Lord Lyon and is an adaption of the Inverkeithing Town Crest.

Friary ngardens

Team work is important, so we frequently consult with the area Parks Team.

They are excellent in helping out with major or heavy projects, while our volunteers have undertaken tasks in return, such as intensive hand weeding during staff shortages.

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