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Floral Displays

Barrier baskets, flower beds, planters, baskets

Spring Crocus

Harbingers of spring!

These bright little crocus flowers with their petals opened in the welcome sunshine, fairly raise the spirits after a long, dismal winter.

Primula denticulata These primula denticulata and wallflower were grown from seed and are doing well. All the plants shown here have been used in displays for 2 years in succession, moving between planter & plot according to the season

basket of begonias

bright begonias en masse


one of ten barrier baskets on railings at the at old library

getting ready for summer

hardening off petunias - these are almost ready to be planted in their summer positions

tulips spring 2012

Candy striped tulips strut their stuff in the octagon planters at the Northern Entrance to Inverkeithing. The bulbs were kindly donated by Dobbies.

A tutti-frutti mix of plants and colours with a spiky cordyline at the back.


leucanthemum, lobelia & bidens

Grow Wild Mix

wild flower mix, Chapel Place - sown by school children

Poppies & Marigolds

self seeded poppies & marigolds at the plot

Golden trumpets

Golden trumpets at the entrance to Inverkeithing - a welcome show after a dreary winter. These bulbs will continue to flower every spring for mkany years to come; they were planted deeply to allow for summer planting on top.


 The planter outside the Post Office features a wonderful display of petunias, which tumble down in bright pops of colour.


bee on galliardia


campanula,coreopsis, leucanthemum, lysimachia in sponsored planter, Chapel Place


polyanthus in primary colours looked stunning in the High Street planters

Daffodils and polyanthus 1st day of spring!

There's no accounting for weather, but these tough little flowers survived to make a bright show despite the late snowfall.


Some local businesses have sponsored basket trees. This bright and colourful example is at the Northern Entrance to Inverkeithing.

wallflower & primula denticulata

berengaria & periwinkle

periwinkles & berengaria opposite station


poppies always brighten up wild flower mixes

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